With the objective of bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge of the students and also to make the learning student-centric, the college organizes various co-curricular activities through different college associations/ departments, which function under respective teachers-in charge.

(1) College Associations/ Departments/ Committees

(a) Commerce Association
(b) Accountancy Association
(c) Economics Association
(d) Literary Association
(e) Ladies’ Association
(f) Gents’ Association
(g) Avishkar Mandal
(h) Competitive Examination/ Personality Development
(i) Placement Assistance Cell
(j) Off-the Campus Participation of Students
(k) Lead College Workshop Committee
(l) Cultural Association

(2) Students’ Working Committee
          The college focuses on students’ participation in planning and organizing the co-curricular activities. The some of the college associations/ committees form the Students’ Working Committees. They, under the guidance of in-charge teachers, plan and organize the co-curricular activities.

(3) Co-curricular activities usually arranged by College Associations

(a) Girls’ Forum: arranges the guest lectures exclusively on issues pertaining to women and organizes 2 day cultural events in the month of January.
(b) Gents’ Association: arranges programmes for boys, e.g. bodybuilding competition, essay competitions and cultural events.
(c) Cultural Association: prepares students’ team for participation in Youth Festival and arrange for their rehearsal
(d) Commerce Association: arranges guest lectures / seminars on current issues in business and arranges study tours.
(e) Accountancy Association:  arranges seminars/ workshops  on emerging trends in banking, accounting and auditing e.g. e-banking, tele-banking, cashless banking,tally package, computerized accounting and GST etc.
(f) Placement Assistance Cell: arranges the seminars to acquaint the students with employment and business opportunities in various sectors of economy and arranges the lecture on Analytical ability Test,Psychological Test etc.
(g) Economic Association: arranges the guest lectures on emerging issues in economic, banking and co-operative sectors.
(h) Lead College Committee: arranges one-day workshops on current issues under Lead College Scheme of affiliating university (Vivekanand Cluster)
(i) Gymkhana: provides sports facilities, coaching and prepares students team for participation in Zonal, Inter-Zonal and Inter-University Tournaments
(j) Medical Club: organizes Yoga/ Pranayam Camps, blood group check up camps, eye- check- up camps etc
(k) Adventure Club: arranges trekking in hilly region,
(l) Off-The-Campus-Participation of Students: facilitates students participation in the one day seminars/workshops arranged by other educational institutions.
(m) Industrial Visits: arranges Industrial visits of students to help them obtain first-hand practical knowledge of the industries and study of accounting system in the industries.
(n) Venkatesh Academy: provides coaching to help students prepare for recruitment in state police force
(o) Literary Association: inculcates among the students the basic skills of reading, writing, paraphrasing & presentation
(p) M.B.A. Counseling Committee: arranges Counselling Programmes for M.B.A. aspirants conducted by the expert faculty of Management Institutes. On site visit to Management Institutes are also arranged.                                                                                  
(q) Grievance Redressal Mechanism:
Grievance-cum-suggestion boxes have been permanently kept in office and library which are opened on a fixed date on a each month by the concerned teacher incharge in the presence of principal and other committee members.It is not in any way obligatory on ther part of  the students to work down their details the legitimate grivences/suggestions are discussed and immediately acted upon the students grivances relating to examinations and internal evalution are redressed by the concerned committees appointed separetely for each class