As per the decision taken in PTA meeting held on 9th August, 2017, the following parents are elected a functionaries of PTA-Executive Council for the year 2017-18, the term whereof will automatically stand cancelled on the expiry of the current academic year.

Sr. No. Designation Name Representation
1 President Dr. Babasaheb A. Khot Principal
2 Vice-President Mr. Bajarang Chopade Parents Representative
3 Secretary Mr. Rajendra S. Patil Parents Representative
4 Teacher-Co-ordinator Prof. Haridas P. Shinde Teachers Representative
5 Member B.Com.-I (A)
6 Member Ramchandra Powar B.Com.-I (B)
7 Member Mrs. Geeta Ramgonda Sardar B.Com.-I (C)
8 Member Mrs. Sunita Anil Patil B.Com.-I (D)
9 Member Mr. Mujib M. Kutty B.Com.-I (E)
10 Member Mrs. Priya Vardai B.Com.-II (A)
11 Member Mr. Dattatraya Apate B.Com.-II (B)
12 Member Mr. Jinnappa Bargale B.Com.-II (C)
13 Member B.Com.-II (D)
14 Member B.Com.-III (A)
15 Member B.Com.-III (B)
16 Member B.Com.-III (C)
17 Member B.B.A.-I
18 Member Mr. Sanjay Laddha B.B.A.-II
19 Member Mrs. Almas Solapure B.B.A.-III
20 Member M.Com.-I
21 Member M. Com.-II
22 Member Prof. (Mrs.) Sunita H. Ambawade B.Com.(Female teachers representative)
23 Member Dr. Naushad M. Mujawar M.Com.(Course Co-ordinator)
24 Member Prof. Umarfarukh B. Nadaf B.B.A. (Course Co-ordinator)



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