The purpose of College Research Committee is to kindle the research interest and to give a clear idea to the faculty and graduate/post-graduate researchers about the research proposals and its processing. This committee is established with a view to oversee, scrutinize and approve the funded research proposals (minor research projects), non-funded research proposals (M.Phil. &Ph.D.)and students research projects. The committee assesses the feasibility of proposed research and makes suggestions to improve its relevance to the current context and technical quality.

Dr. W. N. Salve, the senior member of Research Committee, retired on 30th June, 2016 and presently the committee is comprised of the following members.

1) Prin. Dr. B.A. Khot (Chairman)

2) Dr. N.M. Mujawar(Convener)

3) Dr. (Mrs.) S.N. Jarandikar (Member)

In order to promote the research activities in the college, the committee made the following efforts.

1) Recommended the library to purchase the reference books of latest edition on major subjects covered under commerce and management and to subscribe to the research journals that would be useful for research. It was also recommended to avail e-books and e-journals in the library

2) Recommended to organize various research activities for students in the form of competition, with a view to kindle the research interest among them.

3) Motivated the faculty to present research papers in seminars and workshops organized at various levels.

4) Encouraged the faculty members participate as Resource Persons in various workshops organized by other institutes.

5) Workshop on ‘Research Methodology & Preparation of Research Project Reports’ was conducted for M.Com.-Part-II students.

6) Suggested additional relevant books for reading regarding the Ph. D. research proposal of Mr. OnkarKulkarni entitled ‘John Braine’s Select Fiction ; A Study in Disillusionment and Anxiety.’

7) Suggested the appropriate statistical tools to be used for analysis data used in Ph.D. thesis on ‘Impact of Merger and Acquisition on Employees of the Merged Banks in Sangli District’submitted by Mrs. Sunita H. Ambawade of Accountancy department.

8) Guided three faculty members namely Mrs. S.T. Biranje, Miss. T.S. Pote and Mr. M.N. Mujawar about the Ph. D. Entrance Examination. Mr. M.N. Mujawar succeeded in it and was guided about the Interview of Ph. D. candidates conducted by DRC of Commerce & Management Department of Shivaji University.

9) It was made obligatory for the final year students of B.B.A. & M.Com. courses to get the research topics duly approved by the Committee and for Research Guides to maintain Student-Guide Meet Record.

10)  The Research Kit was provided to M.Com.-Part-II & B.B.A.-Part-III students and they were motivated to make use of Computers, Laptops & Internet for preparation of their research projects.

 11) Finalized & displayed the list of Project Guides allotted to research students.