Venkateshians -The Alumni Association

Shri Venkatesh Mahavidyalaya has a standing of more than three decades during which it has paved the concrete way for the students to stand in their life. Many of its students are practicing Chartered Accountants, professors and successful entrepreneurs. Blending commerce degree with law and computer, many others have made their identity as Magistrates, Lawyers and IT-based occupations. The Alumni Association of the college, known as Venkateshians, brings such grown-ups for development of growing generations.

With the motto of ‘Connect, Collaborate and Cherish’ the Alumni Association attempts to create a network of college, teachers, alumni and current students. Its mission is to link the ex-students of the college and create their platform and support the college in achieving its goals and objectives.


Objectives of Venkateshians -The Alumni Association

1) To connect and create a permanent platform for former students and run it smoothly

2) To establish the chief center of contact for alumni and to create the strong bond between college, faculty, alumni and current students

3) To create on-line alumni community for constructive development of each other and also of the college and growing generation

4) To support development of growing generation through shared knowledge and experience

5) To support the college with resources for its holistic development

6) To encourage the growing generation to achieve their career-goals

7) To involve in social and cultural activities


The ex-students of the college are hereby appealed to register themselves as members of the Alumni Association (Venkateshians) The batch-wise roll-call lists will be published on-line shortly.

For registration please contact:
1) Dr. Naushad Makbool Mujawar(Contact No.: 9822673554)
2) Mr. Mujib Mohammad Kutty(Contact No.: 9923012500)
E-mail: mujibkutty
3) Mrs. Asharani Bajrang Udale(Contact No.: 7385113822)